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Measuring instructions

1. Measure the closed mouth circumference

Loop measuring tape around at the base of the snout leaving room for the eyes and affix it using a paper clip. The measuring tape should not squeeze the chaps or have too much slack. The measuring tape should not slope towards the throat or the nose peak but face downwards vertically.

Note the measurements, preferably in centimeters. Please take a photo from the profile.

2. Measure the snout length

Measure from the bridge of the nose, where the muzzle should lie down, to the tip of the nose. Please leave a little distance to the eyes. Measure laterally to the very front, if your dog has a shorter nose than jaw.

Note the measurements, preferably in centimeters. Please take a photo from vertically above.

Short snouts, underbite: please measure the length sideways not on top of the snout. Measure until the end of the snout – this might be the lip not the nose tip.

What are the next steps?

Based on your information and measurements, we are going to send you a non-binding suggestion for the inner size of your BUMAS via e-mail. You are the expert for your dog, there for we ask you to check if your dog has enough space to pant and drink inside this measurement with a simple “pant control”. You are going to receive detailed instructions with the next e-mail. As soon as you completed the pant control we are going to send your BUMAS to our manufacturing department.

Feeling unsure about your measurements? To be on the safe side, upload your dog's measuring photos (at the end of the configuration process).  



Forehead strap

Security straps

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Security straps:

Would you like to add extra safety straps?


A Neoprene nose-strap prevents chaving for dogs who have scarred or bare snouts.

Would you like to add Neoprene on the nose strap?


Does your dog have an upturned nose like a Boxer?

Would you like to have a nose-free muzzle?


A reflecting main strap is only available in neon yellow, black, pink, light brown, and teal. Would you like a reflector?

Would you like to change the main strap to a reflective version?

Would you like to have a buckle instead of a click-lock?

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"The prefect muzzle for your dog, custom-made by hand."

There's no too short, too long or too tiny with BUMAS - the perfect fitting muzzle styled to your personal preferences and your dog's needs!

BUMAS BioThane® Dog Muzzles

Soft and comfortable material

Colourful and friendly

Mold resistant and easy to clean

Made-to-measure and humane form

Enough room to pant and drink

Individually tailored to the character

Muzzle requirement, seeing the vet, poisonous bate prevention, undesired eating, hound or hunting impulses, and vacations - there are many reasons for a dog muzzle. Well fitted and with the correct size, a dog wears a BUMAS like a human wears glasses. With the appealing color combinations, your dog will still looks friendly.

DESIGN your BUMAS for your DOG

You can choose for 21 colours and many options to create a muzzle that fits your dog's nature and character.


With nearly 10,000 custom-made muzzles previously developed, BUMAS created 13 standard sizes and numerous breed-specific muzzles readily available. Or, order a custom-made muzzle, tailored to the needs and characteristics of your dog for maximum fit.


A BUMAS muzzle gives your dog enough space to pant and drink. Due to the lightness of the material, the ergonomic fit and the customized measurements, your dog will wear the BUMAS muzzle like a human wears a light pair of glasses. Unlike other plastic and leather muzzles Biothane® does not emit distracting odors for your dog. Your original BUMAS protects without disturbing the dog's vision and sense of smell.


Owing to innovative materials like BioThane® the muzzle has no sharp edges and there's no pulling of the dog's fur. In many cases it can be used as an alternative to the cone collar after surgery. The material exceeds leather in its tear-resistance and has been tested from -30 to 80°C, maintaining its softness and shape!


Optionally, your BUMAS muzzle can be equipped with a forehead strap which allows extra stability and ensures additional support. Upon request this feature can be made in a removable version. For dogs with short (brachycephalic) snouts, such as bulldogs, pugs and Boston terriers, a forehead strap is always included.


Many dogs are attracted to substances that are unhealthy and even leathal. Our Security straps make it extremely difficult to get to poison substances such as spoiled food, feces, pest poisons, etc. If your dog is reactive or fearful in certrain situations, Security straps decrease the space between the front straps, increase the stability and security of the BUMAS.


Upon request we can add more straps on the muzzle side, so only a small space is left between the straps. By doing so, the muzzle sides become stiffer and bite safety on the side of the muzzle is increased.


A BUMAS is made from BioThane®, which is a soft and slick material with the great advantage of not scratching or pulling the dog's fur.

Upon request, an extra neoprene nose piece can be added under the strap, which sits on top of the snout - only recommended for dog's with scars on their snout. Please note: Neoprene can pull fur, leaving bald areas on the snout. It also adds height which can impede vision, as the muzzle gets higher in front of the eyes.


For dogs with noses slightly facing up, e.g. boxers, we recommend the nose-free variant to ensure that the muzzle does not lie ontop of his sensitive snout.


The simple click-lock makes attaching the muzzle easy, safe and reliable. When not in use, you can stow it away in your bag, click it onto your belt or onto your dog's harness. Optionally there is also a classic role-metal buckle that closes the variable neck strap like a belt, practical for dogs with heavy fur growth such as chow chows, Siberian huskies and German shepherds.


Wash the BUMAS under running water and hang dry. A BUMAS is dishwasher safe and won't lose its form. Unscented detergents only as the smell will irritate your dog.


The material does not absorb moisture, is mould resistant. It can be sterilize, for example by vetenarians, at 135°C.


BioThane® is not impregnable so it will take on odors. Therefore wash only in unscented detergents.

Well fitted and with the correct size, a dog wears a BUMAS like a human wears glasses.

Your dog can pant, while wearing a BUMAS.

Help your dog to regulate his body temperature.

Your dog can drink, while wearing a BUMAS.

With the right size and proper fit.

BUMAS Trinity

BUMAS Muzzle, Collar "Elements" und adjustable Leash "Elements"

We know how hard it is to find the perfect equipment for your dog. Functionality should not compromise style and classiness!

That's why you can colour match all our products, from elegant to colourful. You and your dog are style-conscious with BUMAS.

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There's no too short, too long, too tiny, with BUMAS - but at last the perfect fitting muzzle styled to your personal preferences!
An original BUMAS - the only one to have gained an animal welfare seal of approval!

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