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"The perfect leash for the walk with your dog."

BUMAS BioThane® leashes

soft and rounded edges

tear resistant and riveted three times

colourful and customizable

four widths for small and big dogs

waterproof and easy to clean

The right leash used in the right way improves the movement leeway, offers mor control and reduces the risk of injuries. Thus a BUMAS leash can be "freedom for your dog" and a good foundation for a strong relationship.

Which leash is the right one?

All BUMAS leashes are handmade and come in different lenghts, widths and colours - suitable for every purpose.

BUMAS leash "Control"

0,5m long, different widths with a hand loop

This type of leash is shorter than normal leashes. Often used in public transports, or attending events or special trainings. The leash "control" offers a high level of control and safety, but little room for movement.

BUMAS leash "Easy Going"

different lengths and widths with a hand loop

This basic leash is used by dog trainers or for dogs living in cities. The leash "Easy Going" is also very common with puppies and untrained dogs.

BUMAS tracking leash "Sport"

different lenths and width with three different handle possibilities

This leash is the perfect equipment for outdoors and training, according to your taste with a hand loop, carabiner or no handle at all. The tracking leash "Sport" gives your dog room to play, sniff and work.

BUMAS Retriever Leash "All in One"

Collar and Leash combined with a metal stop and a BioThane® stop

The size of the collar part can be adjusted easily with the metail stop. The BioThane® stop makes sure it does not get too big. Put on and take off easily - the leash "All in One" is perfect for dogs who like to swim or for quick walks.

BUMAS adjustable Leash "Convenience"

3-way adjustable, two colours and can be worn over the shoulder

Hiking, training, short or long - you are all set. With this leash you can walk your dog hands free, because it is constructed in a way to wear it over one shoulder. The leash "Convenience" is flexible and versatile.

BUMAS adjustable Leash "Elements"

3-way adjustable, 3 parts in up to 4 different colours

The perfect combination to your BUMAS Muzzle - flexible and versatile - for each and every dog and purpose. Up to 4 different colours can be mixed and matched with the adjustable leash "Elements".

To wear muzzle or leash is no torment with BUMAS: to make the right choice means a lot more freedom for you and your dog. BUMAS - das Original. is animal welfare certified.

BUMAS "Reflective"

Security for dog and owner is our first priority. That's why all our collars and leashes are also available in reflective BioThane®. to increase the visability of your dog! "Reflective" is available in 19mm width and in 6 different colours: black, teal, brown, light brown, neon yellow & neon pink .

BUMAS Trinity

BUMAS Muzzle, Collar "Elements" und adjustable Leash "Elements"

We know how hard it is to find the perfect equipment for your dog. Functionality should not compromise style and classiness!

That's why you can colour match all our products, from elegant to colourful. You and your dog are style-conscious with BUMAS.

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There's no too short, too long, too tiny, with BUMAS - but at last the perfect fitting muzzle styled to your personal preferences!
An original BUMAS - the only one to have gained an animal welfare seal of approval!

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